TRM Technoremmontage” LLC is ready to offer the complex services in a number of works.


- Installation, repair and commissioning of domestic and imported woodworking machinery: forest exchanges and woodyards pulp and paper mill, factories for the production of plywood, MDF, Chipboard, fiberboard and OCB of any complexity;

- Installation, disassembling, overhaul and commissioning of equipment for production of cable products;

- Installation, disassembling, repair, adjustment of technological equipment of different industries of any complexity;

- Installation and repair of electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment of any complexity;

- Design and manufacture of metal structures and nonstandard equipment;

- Industrial construction works.


 “TRM Technoremmontage” LLC, Saint-Petersburg, has extensive experience in carrying out installation, commissioning and repairs of any complexity of various equipment both local and imported.


“TRM Technoremmontage” LLC efficiently conduct routine and major repairs of equipment, if necessary, the specialists of the company will be able to make a recovery, disassembling of equipment of any complexity.


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Thank you! Our manager will contact you.

Thank you! Our manager will contact you.